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PERFECT Wedding Do's & Don'ts Vol. 1

Updated: Apr 16

November 3, 2017, Mr. Ret & Nikki overlooking Rock Creek on their wedding day.

It's Your Wedding Day

It's 4pm on the most exciting day of yours and your fiancé's lives and the only thing you can think about is enjoying every last second of the day. Every friend and family member you love will be present to share the moment you walk down the isle to join hands with the one you love.

Everything has been carefully considered, including your bridal colors, dress, brides maids, groomsmen, venue, decor, catering, florist, DJ, Photographer, Videographer, and this list can sometimes appear endless.

As if all the tangible wedding things weren't enough, hours have been spent planning all the details and you are utterly confident that everything will go according to plan. Or will they?

The success on your wedding day is key to a great start in your new life chapter. It enables you and your family to enjoy your wedding day more peacefully, and makes all the money and time spent, well worth the investment.

The question becomes, what exactly makes a wedding successful? It must be the venue or venue's location? Or is it the amount of money spent on the wedding? How about the photos the photographer captures at the wedding? I got it, it's the awesome DJ that kept the dance floor alive and exciting! According to countless references found on the world wide web, including notable sources such as &, or countless testimonies found in blogs, professional wedding planning is a crucial piece to wedding day success.


"As a wedding professional of 20+ years, and owner of a professional events company, Picture Perfect Muzic LLC, I can attest that many of my weddings that have used a friend or family member to handle the planning of their wedding or opted out of a wedding planner all together, had very rough weddings."

~ Desmond C. Izquierdo


Some of things full service wedding planners handle:

1. Set up a realistic wedding budget.

2. Provide fashion expertise.

3. Handle family mediation.

4. Schedule wedding meetings.

5. Handle creation of center pieces or drives this task.

6. Devise the master plan including all details, even music coordination.

7. Learn your likes/dislikes to help you locate the perfect venue that matches your budget.

8. Find reliable DJs, Florists, Photographers, Bands, and other vendors in your price range.

9. Negotiate with vendors on price and services.

10. Create "Day Of" planning/timeline. (Informs everyone what to do and when to do them)

11. Handle all things invitations.

12. Serve as your voice, providing direction and guidelines for you.

13. Help plan and book your honey moon.

I'll save by not hiring a professional Wedding Planner

If you don't hire any professionals at all, at the very least, hire a professional Day of Event Coordinator. A good Day of Event Coordinator can help all pieces of a wedding run successful, even when the DJ, photographer and other support elements are not pros. Your Day of Event Coordinator will ensure your vision of your perfect wedding becomes a reality.

If you are concerned about budget, hire a full service wedding planner. A full service wedding planner will provide major support by finding professionals and wedding elements that meets your vision and budget.

Don't Gamble with your Wedding Day

Planning is the most important part to any event. In fact, roughly 95 percent of the time during any significant event containing a sequence of activities, is spent on planning. When done correctly, the day of the event is well rehearsed, everyone playing a major role is confident, and all possible failures have been identified and resolved with well thought-out solutions.

On a day such as a wedding, any number of things can go wrong. Brides-maids or groomsmen could become intoxicated, interfamily contentions could arise, or vendors could simply not show up. Trust that your wedding planner will take on any potential problem that may arise, and solve them to help you enjoy your wedding day.

The bottom-line is, don't take a chance at being in charge of everything on your wedding day, or hiring a friend to handle everything. Only a professional wedding planner has the experience at encountering and solving any and all types of wedding day blues.

Wedding Planners are available to you

Whether you hire Picture Perfect Muzic LLC to handle your wedding planning, or find another reputable wedding planner in your local area, be rest assured that you are making the right decision. After all, you were meant to have a peaceful, enjoyable and successful wedding. When you and your spouse look back on your wedding day, you should do so knowing that you had the best day ever!


Author: Rachel E. Rodriguez - Co-Owner, Picture Perfect Muzic LLC

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