Expression in the creation of Art: The creation of a work of art is the bringing about of a new combination of elements in the medium. The elements existed beforehand but not in the same combination; creation is the re-formation of these pre-existing materials.

Photography by Rachel


What I love most, is witnessing the love in our couples eyes throughout the planning process. From the moment I sit down with a couple for our first meet and listen to the story of how they first met, until the evening they are saying good bye to their guest on their wedding day, they always have a love glow that is so heart warming, making me so happy to be apart of such a special moment in their lives.  My goal is to capture that love on camera so they can look back and remember how beautiful those moments were. This slide show is just a glimpse of some of my beautiful couples on their wedding day.  

                                                                                                  ~ Rachel  

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